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Best Cheap Chainsaws | Reviews WEN Electric Chainsaw, 16". Poulan Pro 20 in. Husqvarna 24 Inch Rancher Gas Chainsaw. Oregon Chainsaw Grease Gun. Poulan PL, 16 in. Earthwise Electric Chain Saw.

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Best chainsaws gas, battery and electric-powered models tested It's a great solution for people who don't want to mix fuel or deal with. It's a battery-powered chain saw, which means you get all the benefits of an electric chain saw without having to deal with an extension cable. Electric chainsaws.

English Choose a language for shopping. What follows are general instructions for starting a gas-powered chainsaw in order to give you an idea of the operating procedure. Again, make sure you consult the instruction manual for specific tools as operation will vary between saws. Once you are in your gear, you will need to start up the saw. If you have to pull on, make sure to always use your left hand to hold the handle in place, and your right hand to pull while standing your right foot on the rear of the handle to stabilize the saw.

The Best Chainsaw For Homeowners & Professionals

Pull the starter handle until the saw fires. You will then need to push the choke back in and pull again. Now, when the saw starts, give the throttle a quick squeeze in order to disengage from its idle.

To make a cut, Hold the front handle firmly with your left hand — knuckles facing outward and your thumb underneath — then grab the rear handle with your right hand. Make sure to keep others at a safe distance while using your saw. Pull back the chain brake to disengage it and squeeze the throttle. It is important not to make your cuts with the tip of the bar. Using the tip to cut can cause kickback, or your saw to jump. This can be dangerous, especially when unexpected. You can cut downward through the wood using the bottom of the bar — called using a pushing chain — or you can pull the top of the bar upward through the wood — called using a pulling chain.

This is a powerful tool and can, of course, be dangerous if used improperly. This model is specifically designed for the type of jobs that the average homeowner is likely to need a chainsaw from limbing and pruning to cutting firewood. Still, it has the power to handle larger tasks if they should arise such as felling smaller trees and clearing paths of storm-fallen trees. An auto-tensioning system helps with chain tightening, an automatic oiler keeps the saw lubricated, and an automatic kickback prevention brake helps to keep you safe.

Unless you plan on taking down a significant chunk of woods, this saw should be able to keep up with any yardwork or project you can find around your home, cottage or farm. If you are looking at heavy-duty chainsaws that can take down any challenge it comes across, the Husqvarna Rancher is probably the ideal pick for you, out of the tools from our reviews. Its Its X-Torq engine cuts fuel consumption by up to 20 percent and emissions by up to 60, making it a more energy efficient and environmentally-conscious purchase than many competing products.

The 8 amp motor and inch guide may not come close to matching some of the heavy hitters on this list, but they are more than enough to make this little chainsaw the top choice for best value. It is small lightweight, convenient and easy to handle. And honestly, what more could you ask for, especially at that price? My choice was the Husqvarna Rancher because its a reliable chainsaw for the work I do and being so highly reviewed was the selling point for me.

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Best Cheap Chainsaws: Affordable Choices To Get Your Job Done

GreenWorks Inch Cordless Chainsaw 8. Do Chainsaws leak oil? Are Electric Chainsaws as good as Gas Chainsaws? Do chainsaw Chains Stretch? Do Chainsaws Overheat?

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We purchased all the models we compared in this category for hands-on testing. Unlike battery-powered chainsaws, gas-powered chainsaws also have the capability of working for extended periods. Show only see all. Many people are also often priced out of purchasing cordless battery powered chainsaws. In most cases, it is activated in two ways. He emphasized safety above everything else.

Does Chainsaw need Oil? How to use a Chainsaw? Auto chain lubrication and tool-free chain replacement systems. Powerful Centrifugal air cleaning system for less frequent.

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Husqvarna's X-Torq engine cuts fuel consumption by up to percent and emissions by up to Remington RM Electric Chainsaw. Corded models specifically maintain their power well across a single session relative to battery-powered models, which decrease in power as their batteries drain. Electric models also tend to be much quieter than their gas-powered counterparts. Corded electric models describe their power in amperage or amps. Bigger numbers again mean more power.

Best Chain Saw Buying Guide - Consumer Reports

Battery-powered chainsaws used to be more of a gimmick than a legitimate product. However, the introduction of lithium-ion batteries greatly improved both their power and runtime. Lithium-ion batteries charge fairly quickly. This means that, in theory, you could purchase an additional battery for your chainsaw, charge both overnight, and pop in the second one when the first runs dry. This means that you could keep going indefinitely by swapping out batteries. Like corded models, battery-powered chainsaws are much quieter than gas-powered chainsaws, and they tend to be lighter as well.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect yourself, like wearing the proper safety equipment. Increasingly, manufacturers include features that help mitigate the danger posed by chainsaws. The chain brake is one of the most important of these safety features. The chain brake is designed to immediately stop the chain from rotating, which can greatly reduce the chance of injury in certain situations.

In most cases, it is activated in two ways. The first is inertia-driven. If the chainsaw detects that it is moving too fast, it will bring the chain to a stop. This is good for situations in which the chainsaw has been dropped or situations in which severe kickback is occurring. The second way the chain brake can be activated is by pushing a handle forward on the top of the chainsaw. This allows you to manually bring the chain to a quick stop if you think you might be entering a dangerous situation.

Electric models tend not to have chain brakes, but some come with an electric brake, which reverses the flow of electricity through the device and helps bring the blade to a stop much, much faster than it would on its own. Another important safety feature you should look for is low-kickback bars. Most models use a safety trigger that must be held down while you start the chainsaw and a second trigger that runs the blade, which makes it more difficult to start the machine or the blade by accident.

Not all chainsaws come with every feature, but here are some that add a lot of value if they are included. Side-mounted tension adjusters are used to change the tension in the blade. It is important that the chain tension is set correctly. This usually consists of a wheel on the side of the chainsaw that you can turn to adjust tension. Upper-end models feature an auto-adjuster that maintains chain tension on the fly, without any work on your part.

Automatic oilers are also something that can save you a lot of time and work. Most chainsaws require oiling the blade in order to keep things running smoothly. Automatic oils solve this problem by using a reservoir of oil that you fill.